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A home for people who want to discover themselves through adventure. I’m Timothy Miller, I travel full-time and explore ways to help people on their own personal adventures.

The purpose of Finding Timmy is to share the story of how I changed my life through adventure, and to give tips and strategies for how you can do the same thing.

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My Travels

Around the United States

  • Lennox, SD

    Lennox, SD

    WWOOFing at a pretty major CSA farm in South Dakota. Stayed for just over two weeks. Read more

  • Vermillion, SD

    Vermillion, SD

    Stopped for a visit at Vermillion, SD, and poked around the International Music Museum. Read about it

  • Casper, WY

    Casper, WY

    Helped out a hackerspace in Casper, named Firefly Hackerspace. I didn’t have a great impression of Casper the town, and the hackerspace still needs a lot of work, but a neat idea.

  • Story, WY

    Story, WY

    Story Wyoming. One of the most beautiful places I’ve been so far. I stayed with an Aunt and Uncle for two weeks, and helped them with a bunch of wood processing (they have way too many trees)

  • Ribera, NM

    Ribera, NM

    New Mexico is beautiful. I stayed in one of the poorest counties in the country, and helped a couple there with their small farm. Very limited internet access, but it was a nice time.

  • Gainsville, TX

    Gainsville, TX

    Currently working at Camp Tonkawa, near Gainsville Texas. It’s a nice little camp, and I’ve been doing construction and instructional work here.