A Few Updates

from South Dakota

As you may already be aware, my brother and I do a collaborative vlog every week called the Doubtful Solutions Brothers. I’ve done a few vlogs about my travels so far, which go to a few places that I have yet to go here on the blog. Here they are, for your enjoyment:

So it begins

Recorded the second day of my trip. I talk a bit about what I’m doing, and moan about homesickness.

A tour of a less sketchy South Dakota

A tour of the Good Earth farm, where I worked for two weeks. This is my response to Andrew’s extremely alarming video, South Dakota is filled with nightmares. Thank goodness I didn’t run into anything he mentioned in that video.

Running and leaving South Dakota behind

My time on the farm is almost up, so a few thoughts on how it went and what I took from it.

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