The backbone of strength

Man has always been very dependent on his tools.

A dog has tooth and claw; a camel can traipse across a desert without an issue; an orangutan can climb the highest trees to harvest his fodder. That’s not the case with man, out-of-the-box we aren’t equipped to do anything particularly useful.

Ah, but our tools! Those do make us unique. Not only have we invented some glorious tools, but we also seem to have a unique desire to use them effectively. Our tools aren’t just a means to an end, they’re part of the reason to make the journey in the first place.

Pondering the Guru

We’ve all seen that incredible individual who, say, does crazy upside-down lighting-quick stunts with a skateboard. The rest of the world may be using a rocket-powered Porche for transportation, but this guy just sticks with his skateboard, and does incredible things through that limitation. Someone like Danny Macaskill.

There’s something in us that revels at this sort of skill. Sure it’s kinda useless, but there’s just something incredibly rewarding about watching someone doing anything so stupendously well, whether it’s useful or not.

We enjoy mastery of tools. Someone who is the master of their trade, not a slave to it.

What is strength?

It’s a pretty big deal for a guy to be strong, right? Strength is built into our culture as the Glorious Standard of Manhood. Big muscles means manly, right?

I think strength is really important to make a man. But strength comes in all types, and sometimes has nothing to do with the circumferance of your arms. Sometimes strength is merely knowing how to use the right tool at the right time.

Even the strongest among us aren’t really that strong, anyway. In actuality, our strength comes from our tools.

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